Immigration Law

The cross-border mobility of professionals, consultants, and workers generally, as well as personal immigration issues and refugee status jurisprudence

U.S. changes policy on intracompany employee transfers

Canadians seeking extensions may experience lengthy delay The preferential status accorded Canadians in the renewal of “Blanket L” work permits in the United States appears to have ended abruptly. U.S. Blanket L petitions allow large multinationals to obtain blanket approval for temporary intracompany cross-border transfers for their employees. “For over 20 years, Canadians seeking Blanket […]

Federal Court reins in Immigration and Refugee Board

The Federal Court has limited the power of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada’s (IRB) chairperson to issue jurisprudential guides (JGs) on issues of fact, where the JGs create an “expectation” that board members were bound to follow the directives. Although Chief Justice Paul Crampton’s decision in Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers v. Canada (Minster […]

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