Lawyers don’t always make the best legal writers.


In some cases, their schedules simply don’t allow them the time. For others, the challenge is the difficulty of balancing PR, marketing, and client development with the strictures inherent to their public statements and image.


For law firms or other legal outlets, I offer a variety of writing services, including researching, writing, ghostwriting, and editing client-oriented articles, white papers, bulletins, brochures, newsletters, blogs, podcasts, and other communications.


Each writing project includes interviews with lawyers, my own independent research, and my support through any edits required. I provide my services in-person, online, by phone and by teleconference.

A curated, subject-matter specific and searchable sample of my writing can be found here. Fees are determined by the scope of the project, to be set on assignment.


Marketing departments don’t always make the best legal writers.


There is enormous competition among law firms to have their lawyers’ articles or firm’s achievements published in the media. For lawyers or law firms seeking to expand their reach, my support can assist them in dramatically increasing their success rate in having their work published.


All too often, marketers lack the technical legal skills to position their writing for this specialised market, and the resulting writing is inaccurate or oversimplified.


What’s needed is a bridge between the lawyers and the marketers: someone with legal acumen as well as marketing savvy, who can translate both into a language that accurately represents the needs of lawyers while remaining accessible to a wider audience.


I am able to provide story ideas tailored to individual publications, interviews with lawyers on your team, my own independent research, first drafts and my support through subsequent edits. Throughout, I focus on providing individualized writing training for lawyers to assist them in moving forward with future articles.


Because this service is highly variable based on the needs of each client, the scope of the project will determine format and price.


I support lawyers struggling to connect with their target audiences.


Using customized training, I teach lawyers to convey complicated information in plain English, improving communication with existing and potential clients, as well as public accessibility.


This is what I do.


With 17 years as a practicing trial lawyer and 25 as a legal affairs journalist, I bring a wealth of knowledge from both perspectives, making me uniquely capable of creating story ideas and strategies for law firms to assist them in building their image and business. Throughout my career as a writer, I’ve been able to draw upon my deep understanding of legal affairs to produce and publish thousands of articles in a wide range of outlets, for audiences with legal backgrounds, clients and laypeople, for whom I can clarify complicated concepts. I understand what business clients, in-house counsel, and the average person want to see when they’re looking for a lawyer or seeking legal information, and I’m able to connect with them in a way that feels informative but not overwhelming.


Interested in learning more? Contact me to discuss my services and availability and schedule an initial consultation.


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