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A Sweeter World?

Photo by Ron Lach at Pexels By Murray Gottheil | February 20, 2024 I was speaking to a university student the other day whom I will call Lara.  Lara told me that she occasionally has a super nice dinner at her friend Kim’s expense. It seems that sometimes Kim meets a sugar daddy who treats her […]

Is Someone Out to Get You?

Photo by RDNE Stock project at Pexels By Murray Gottheil | February 19, 2023 Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you – Joseph Heller In some law firms there are politics among the partners. Someone wants to be the managing partner or win the compensation committee contest, and they need to accumulate friends […]

BARE BONES BRIEFS: “Most positively reviewed” lawyer faces new misconduct allegations | Law firm openly adopts slippery slope | Calling colleague “pathetic human” is professional misconduct | FCA boosts climate litigation | FC certifies “older inmates” class action

By Julius Melnitzer | January 31, 2024 SAMFIRU TO FACE MISCONDUCT ALLEGATIONS IN ALBERTA Lior Samfiru, the Toronto-based national co-managing partner of employment law boutique Samfiru Tumarkin LLP, a firm that claims to be the “most positively reviewed employment law firm in Canada”, must now contend with allegations of professional misconduct in Alberta in addition […]

Worrying For Godot

By Murray Gottheil | January 30, 2024 Photo by Keira Burton at Pexels When I practiced law, I worried a lot.  I worried about making a mistake on my files. I worried that I was too busy.  I worried that I was not busy enough. I even worried for the people at my firm who were […]

Math at the End of Days

Photo by Ana Arantes at Pexels By Murray Gottheil | January 22, 2024 Let’s say that Mike is a partner at his firm. He stays for many years and builds a substantial client base. And while we are making things up, let’s assume that Mike has been a team player and introduced his clients to his partners […]

Another Law Firm Just Went Down

Photo by Irfan Rahat at Pexels By Murray Gottheil | January 17, 2024 Write what you know.~ Mark Twain I know absolutely nothing about the collapse of Minden Gross LLP beyond what I have read in the Globe & Mail. However, I did hang around the legal profession for a long time, and I figure […]

Believe Them the First Time

Photo by Antonio Friedemann at Pexels By Murray Gottheil | January 9, 2024 When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time – – – Maya Angelou I have observed that there are many pitifully unhappy folks in law whose irrational hopefulness is downright impressive in a kind of twisted and sad way. […]

BARE BONES BRIEFS: No kidding: $50 million counsel fee ruled “excessive” in $23 billion class action | CEO mismanagement is grounds for tax relief: FC | M&A activity lowest in decade | PE activity slows to pre-pandemic levels: Blakes | COVID inventory losses not insured: OCA

By Julius Melnitzer | January 7, 2024 FEDERAL COURT SLASHES $50 MILLION COUNSEL FEE Justice Mandy Aylen of the Federal Court of Canada has denied approval of a $50 million fee sought by Sotos LLP; Kugler Kandestin LLP; Miller Titerle+ Co.; Nahwegahbow, Corbiere; and Fasken Martineau Dumoulin LLP, class counsel in the $23 billion settlement […]

Grilled Cheese, Please

Photo by Ahmed Rabea at Pexels By Murray Gottheil | January 3, 2024 There is a restaurant in Lakefield, Ontario called the Canoe & Paddle. On their regular menu is an “Ultimate Grilled Cheese”, which comes with smoked bacon, cheddar, asiago, tomato, and garlic butter. On its “Kids & Seniors” menu, the restaurant offers a grilled […]

BARE BONES BRIEFS: OCA upholds $2.5 million award to human rights lawyer | Jeremy Diamond appeals from de facto suspension and $100,000 fine for professional misconduct | Are law firms paying ransomware? | Report: Lawyers are high on AI extinction list | Unaware council passes ChatGPT-drafted law |

By Julius Melnitzer | December 17, 2023 LAWYER’S CAREER-ENDING INJURY JUSTIFIES $2.5 MILLION AWARD: OCA The Ontario Court of Appeal has upheld a $2.5 million award to Geraldine Sanson, a “highly respected human rights lawyer” whose career ended when a car struck her as she was cycling home from work in 2012. The trial judge […]

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