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Family-status discrimination issues remain ‘minefield’ for employers

By Julius Melnitzer | January 18, 2021 Confusion as to what constitutes family-status discrimination in Canada continues to vex employers. “The Supreme Court of Canada had an opportunity to create a uniform test across the country in 2019 but chose not to hear the case,” says Gary Clarke, the Calgary and Vancouver-based national co-head of Stikeman Elliott LLP’s […]

SCC to decide whether Loblaw can avoid tax on Barbados earnings

October 30, 2020 | By Julius Melnitzer The Supreme Court of Canada has agreed to consider whether Loblaw must pay Canadian tax on the profits of a Barbados-based subsidiary. The appeal could have landmark consequences for both the general anti-avoidance rule (GAAR) and the foreign accrual property income (FAPI) regime. “This could be a major […]

Bucking the Trends: BCF’s model for sustainability

This is the second in LegalWriter.net’s continuing series Bucking the Trends: Lawyers who make a difference – – – their own way Growth – – – organic, sustained and profitable – – – has hardly been the order of the day for Canadian law firms in the last decade or so. So forgive me for […]

Bucking the trends: the gentle way to fierce advocacy

August 19, 2020 This is the first in legalwriter.net’s continuing series called Bucking the Trends: Lawyers who make a difference – – – their own way “Gentleman”, “lady”, or “stand-up comic” is rarely found in the lexicon describing the virtues of great counsel. That’s especially true in an era when regulators keep reminding lawyers that […]

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