Newfoundland and Labrador arbitrator rules pension grievance can proceed despite late filing, citing “culture of acquiescence”

By: Julius Melnitzer | September 8, 2023 An arbitrator has ruled that a pension grievance filed seven years beyond a collective agreement’s time limit could proceed because of the employer’s “culture of acquiescence” regarding enforcement of the limit. “The message to employers is that if they get in the habit of letting time limits slide, their […]

They Care… in Their Spare Time

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko By Murray Gottheil | September 6, 2023 The other day my wife, Maureen, told me about a friend who was complaining that his busy adult children do not call him very often. Her friend asked Maureen, “Don’t they care about their dad?”  To which Maureen replied, “They care… in their spare time.” Maureen […]

BARE BONES BRIEFS: More lawyers Down Under, especially women, than koalas | 1.46 ABA members suffer data breach in strange hack | Bennett Jones opens Montreal office | SCC Justice Moldaver joins Arbitration Place | Lawyer turned Yale psychologist publishes The Thriving Lawyer

By Julius Melnitzer | September 5, 2023 Australian lawyers faring better than koalas Koalas are now officially an endangered species in Australia. Some reports list the remaining population in the wild to be as low as 43,000. Lawyers, by contrast, are thriving, with the 2022 National Profile of Solicitors reporting 90,329 practising lawyers in the […]

There is More to Life than Hard Work

Photo by Rdne Stock Project at Pexels By Murray Gottheil | August 30, 2023 I was a socialist at age twenty. I went to law school because I wanted to help the poor and the oppressed. By the time that I was thirty I was a business lawyer. Stuff like that happens to people. Over the […]

How recent Canada Labour Code updates are impacting federally regulated employers

By Julius Melnitzer | August 29, 2003 There have been several changes to the Canada Labour Code in recent months. Here’s an overview of what’s happened and what’s on the horizon for employers under federal labour jurisdiction. New employer obligations As of July 9, 2023, federally regulated employers must reimburse employees for reasonable work-related expenses. […]

Bad and Worse Advice for Law Firm Associates

Photo by Thirdman at Pexels By Murray Gottheil | August 28, 2023 Do not confine your children to your own learning, for they were born in another time –  Chinese proverb The Chinese were on to something. We all make the mistake of teaching things to younger generations based on our own experience. Here is some […]

It’s time to re-think how to use the ‘but-for’ test

Richard Halpern of Gluckstein Lawyers discusses the proper use of the counterfactual question This article was produced in partnership with Gluckstein Lawyers By Julius Melnitzer | August 23, 2023 A veteran member of the plaintiff’s medical negligence bar says it’s time for change in how we think about causation in tort, by clarifying the traditional […]

Men Talking About Moms at the Partnership Table

By Murray Gottheil | August 9, 2023 Those of you who do not attend partners meetings may not know that why associates are not working hard enough is a common agenda item. And those of you who follow the statistics are aware that only 25% of partners in Canadian law firms are female. This means that […]

Ashley Butts’ career shows that success in-house and private practice are not always intertwined

Ashley Butts’ career focus revolves around skill sets learned in criminology and sociology studies By Julius Melnitzer | August 8, 2023 The career of Ashley Butts, senior legal counsel in BASF Canada Inc.’s Toronto office, provides strong support for the emerging proposition that success in-house and private law firm experience are not necessarily intertwined. “Law was […]

Talking to Partners about Problems

Photo by Cottonbro Studio at Pexels By Murray Gottheil | August 6, 2023 Since I retired, I do not speak to law firm partners very often, which is just fine with me. For one thing, I cannot afford to speak to them about professional matters. For another, I have had quite my fill of speaking to […]

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