Bucking the trends: Lawyers making a difference their own way

August 19, 2020

In an era where law is a business, constrained only by the ethical boundaries of the profession, ranking and league tables have become big businesses in themselves, marketing tools par excellence, touted and shouted to all who will listen in the hope that they will be seduced onto the fee-payer rosters of the firms who made the lists.

And that’s all fine. But where’s the list for the firms and the lawyers that have made a difference? Made justice accessible to those who couldn’t afford it, took on the unpopular and unwinnable cases, created cultures where all people are happy to work, stuck to their principles of practice and of growth for years, fought off the lures of nationalization and internationalization, and steadfastly succeeded by servicing markets that quietly drive our economy and our society.

Know someone like that? Let us know, and we’ll consider telling their story here on legalwriter.net. We’ve already found two great candidates. Stay tuned, and in short order, we’ll let you know who they are.

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