Canadian lawyer weighs in on Trump’s Twitter tweets

Trump, Twitter & The Law, book cover

Wednesday, September 9, 2020 | Julius Melnitzer

Trump, Twitter & The Law is something of an oddity: a book about The Donald by a Canadian.

Sheldon Burshtein, partner emeritus with Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP in Toronto, tells the story of Trump’s profound impact on the U.S. He does it through the eyes of a lawyer – – – but in a way that the average reader can certainly enjoy.

The lay person, for example, could relate to the author’s discussion of tweets as a presidential medium and their role in presidential cyberbullying. Lawyers might focus more on the exposition of tweets as a basis for liability and as evidence in court.

As Burshtein sees it, Trump’s influence is rooted in challenging or ignoring “every standard of the Presidency”. Using the President’s own words, his laws, and the ruminations of the courts, Burshtein illuminates the legal issues involved with a lawyer’s eye and a topical approach.

The issues covered include Trump’s approach to women, the media, the rule of law, the judiciary, COVID-19, race and truth. Burshtein, an intellectual property lawyer, references the President’s policies, including immigration, foreign relations, trade, the military, the environment and healthcare.

To be sure, there’s a plethora of books about Trump out there, some good, some bad. Do we need more?

The answer is, “Only if they add something”. Trump, Twitter & The Law does exactly that.

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