Court awards 24 months’ notice to Air Canada employee terminated as part of COVID layoff

George Avraam says the high-end award is consistent with COVID-related wrongful dismissal jurisprudence.

By Julius Melnitzer | December 29, 2022

In a judgment that amounts to a handbook for employers and employers involved in COVID-based terminations, the Ontario Superior Court has awarded 24 months’ notice to an Air Canada employee with 23.5 years’ service laid off during the pandemic.

“This award, at the higher end of the notice period, is consistent with how the courts have been treating wrongful dismissals post-COVID,” says George Avraam, a partner in Baker & McKenzie LLP’s Toronto office.

Masayo Williams was a 52-year-old international operations training manager earning a base salary of $70,380 when AC terminated her in May 2020 as part of a 50 percent reduction of its workforce. She turned down the company’s separation package. MORE

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