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Blockchain is coming your way

Blockchain technology is transforming businesses in a wide range of industries. Are you ready? Jul 6, 2018 When Samuel Osei of Samuel Osei Law Corporation in Vancouver first found himself dealing with blockchain and cryptocurrency issues, he chose to keep his activities under wraps. “When I first started doing the work, I didn’t put cryptocurrency in […]

Meeting the AI Challenge

Firms are learning to adapt and prosper in the age of Artificial Intelligence Oct 10, 2018 As it turns out, the ongoing debate about the extent to which emerging legal technology, particularly artificial intelligence (AI), will make lawyers redundant or at least reduce the profession to a small colony of high-level strategists, misses the point. […]

Do incumbents have an edge?

01 Apr 2019 In the last bencher election, in 2015, all 22 incumbent lawyer benchers that ran for re-election kept their seats in Convocation, of 40 available spots, according to statistics from the Law Society of Ontario analyzed by Law Times. With the bencher election coming later this month and a record-setting number of candidates, hopefuls are […]

Law firms falling down on physical data security

Wednesday, June 19, 2019 @ 10:55 AM | By Julius Melnitzer Forget cybersecurity — because law firms, it appears, can’t even keep their desks clean. Notwithstanding all the noise coming from C-suite types and in-house counsel about the critical nature of data protection, a recent survey from Oakville, Ont.,-based Shred-it — which is, somewhat ironically, […]

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