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Matters of interest to lawyers working for companies and the ethical questions they face, as well as ethical issues relating to lawyers generally

David Forsayeth always wanted back into a business role, and he got it in spades in-house at Flipp

Building internal processes for working with the legal group is among David Forsayeth’s proudest accomplishments By Julius Melnitzer | June 6, 2023 After graduating with a bachelor of commerce degree, David Forsayeth, general counsel at Flipp Corp., always imagined himself in a business role. Law school intervened, as did four years as a private mergers and […]

Boards must have a long-term risk management strategy in light of global crises: experts

Clemens Mayr says businesses must strengthen and generate trust in distrusting times. By Julius Melnitzer | June 1, 2023 Beginning with COVID-19, crises and disruptions – geopolitical uncertainty, the Ukraine war, supply chain issues, workplace upheaval, inflation, interest rates, energy transition – seem to be de rigueur. The upshot is that may be time to revisit […]

Farah Ismail and Fasken form unique partnership to create in-house department for SE Healthcare

Farah Ismail By Julius Melnitzer | May 27, 2023 Good general counsel know that “at the beginning” is frequently the best time to call in the troops from their trusted law firms. But “before the beginning” taxes the imagination – unless you happen to be Farah Ismail, senior vice-president and chief legal, privacy and compliance officer […]

Creating a new legal department can be daunting and fraught with challenges

Giselle Basanta says GCs need to control the money if they are to control legal services By Julius Melnitzer | May 25, 2023 The Association of Corporate Counsel’s guide on establishing an in-house law department begins with a warning. “Whether the attorney hired to create the organization’s first in-house legal department has served as in-house counsel […]

FLO’s Chief Legal and Public Affairs Officer Travis Allan has a broader job description than most

Allan says scaling the legal team as his company grows is his greatest challenge By Julius Melnitzer | May 24, 2023 It’s fashionable to observe that good general counsel are integrated with their organization’s business. If that’s so, Travis Allan’s position at FLO Services Inc., the Quebec City-based operator of one of North America’s largest electric […]

High focus, a pragmatic bias and technology are keys to navigating cost-cutting pressures in-house

Mark Dodd says in-house lawyers in cost-cutting environments should attend only essential meetings. By Julius Melnitzer | May 23, 2023 In uncertain economic times, the great conundrum for in-house counsel is that cost-cutting and workload are inevitably inversely proportional. Faced with this dilemma, Mark Dodd, head of market insights at Lawyers on Demand, an international alternative […]

Too Nice For This World

Photo by Francesco Ungaro at Pexels By Murray Gottheil | May 22, 2003 Before you read this story, I should let you know that this is a sad story which does not end well. Long ago I had a great professional relationship and friendship with Laurence.  I liked Laurence a lot.  He was honest and […]

Giselle Basanta on becoming one of only a few Black females leading a legal department in Canada

By Julius Melnitzer | May 18, 2023 There are very few Black females leading legal departments in Canada. Giselle Basanta, a latecomer to the law after the better part of two decades as a public servant, is one of them. She is only aware of four others. When George Brown College went looking for a […]

Christine Silversides’ small team at York University is a lesson in maximizing resources

Christine Silversides says teamwork, hard work, dedication, creativity, and training are key to managing the demanding workload By Julius Melnitzer | May 13, 2023 In 2006, Christine Silversides joined York University’s Office of the Counsel as director of legal services, becoming the fourth lawyer on the team. Thirteen years later, Silversides became general counsel. As it […]

Women’s General Counsel University creates sense of community for senior in-house female lawyers

Sandra Montanino is the program’s new executive director By Julius Melnitzer | May 10, 2023 A record 16 candidates will comprise the Women General Counsel Canada’s General Counsel University fourth cohort class, with Sandra Montanino as the program’s new executive director. Nine candidates from the third cohort graduated on April 21, while the first and second […]

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