Intellectual Property

Issues relating to intellectual property, including copyrights, patents, trademarks, and trade secrets.

Artists desperate for legal help during COVID

September 21, 2020 | By Julius Melnitzer New research confirms that a multitude of legal challenges, aggravated by the “devastating” impact of COVID-19. faces the Canadian arts sector. “We wanted to prove to arts funders, like Canada Heritage and the Canada Council for the Arts (CCA), that there existed very pressing legal needs,” says Martha […]

Pandemic data hubs and contractual, regulatory and ethical risks

Monday, May 11, 2020 One thing that hasn’t suffered from the COVID-19 pandemic is the big data analytics market — a development, however, that comes with a host of intellectual property (IP) and other legal issues. “The pandemic has accelerated the development of worldwide data hubs to collect data, and the development of software tools […]

When sexist, racist robots discriminate, are their owners at fault?

Artificial intelligence has the potential to wreak havoc on diversity initiatives February 20, 2018 Artificial intelligence (AI), it seems, has become the cutting-edge target for proponents of diversity in the workplace. Some experts claim that AI is increasingly biased against women and non-white people. Even robots, they claim, are being sexist and racist. The bias […]

Blockchain is coming your way

Blockchain technology is transforming businesses in a wide range of industries. Are you ready? Jul 6, 2018 When Samuel Osei of Samuel Osei Law Corporation in Vancouver first found himself dealing with blockchain and cryptocurrency issues, he chose to keep his activities under wraps. “When I first started doing the work, I didn’t put cryptocurrency in […]

Cannabis Is a Complicated Business

Politics and societal moral concerns add layers of complexity to legitimizing the sale of cannabis Jul 5, 2018 It’s not often that a handful of Canadian stocks get the attention of Barron’s, the venerable newspaper that, for the most part, covers US financial information and market developments. But not only did Canada’s cannabis stocks get attention, they […]

Meeting the AI Challenge

Firms are learning to adapt and prosper in the age of Artificial Intelligence Oct 10, 2018 As it turns out, the ongoing debate about the extent to which emerging legal technology, particularly artificial intelligence (AI), will make lawyers redundant or at least reduce the profession to a small colony of high-level strategists, misses the point. […]

Top 10 business decisions of 2019: From bankruptcy to beer

Wednesday, February 05, 2020 To kick off the new year right, here is a listing of the Top 10 business decisions in Canada for 2019. The listing will be in the form of a two-part series, which begins below with numbers 6-10, in ascending order. 10. Volkswagen Group Canada Inc. v. Association québécoise de lutte contre […]

In Uber era, valuing of intangible assets urgently needs consistent standards

Add in irregular accounting practices, and financial treatment of IA becomes bewildering December 5, 2018 Corporate boards lack the tools to assess the value and risks associated with intangible assets (IA), according to the Licensing Executives Society (LES), which has proposed an IA standard that focuses on board oversight. LES is a 50-year-old leading association […]

Protecting Brands in North America

The USMCA, which is yet to be ratified, would affect several significant aspects of Canadian copyright, patent and trademark law and practice When and if the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) is ratified by all parties, US attorneys and in-house counsel seeking to prosecute or enforce their clients’ intellectual property rights in Canada will notice its […]

Trade’s New Realities

If it feels like the tariff and trade rules are changing every day, it’s because they are For lawyers working in international trade law – not to mention their clients – it’s a strange new world indeed. “We’ve been working forever in an atmosphere of liberal trade, and we’ve never seen anything like the current […]

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