Christine Silversides’ small team at York University is a lesson in maximizing resources

Christine Silversides says teamwork, hard work, dedication, creativity, and training are key to managing the demanding workload

By Julius Melnitzer | May 13, 2023

In 2006, Christine Silversides joined York University’s Office of the Counsel as director of legal services, becoming the fourth lawyer on the team. Thirteen years later, Silversides became general counsel. As it does today, the team still consisted of only four lawyers.

But the work has exploded.

“There has been a proliferation of new legislation and attendant requirements for new policies, restructuring of portions of the university, and significant growth of the student and staff populations,” Silversides said. “But one of the reasons I have been able to cope is because I’m a generalist by opportunity and design, meaning my entire career path has been characterized by learning and new experiences, which have made me flexible and adaptable.” MORE . . .

Julius Melnitzer is a Toronto-based legal affairs writer, ghostwriter, writing coach and media trainer. Readers can reach him at [email protected] or


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