How recent Canada Labour Code updates are impacting federally regulated employers

By Julius Melnitzer | August 29, 2003

There have been several changes to the Canada Labour Code in recent months. Here’s an overview of what’s happened and what’s on the horizon for employers under federal labour jurisdiction.

New employer obligations

As of July 9, 2023, federally regulated employers must reimburse employees for reasonable work-related expenses. When determining whether an expense is related to work, employers must consider factors such as the impact on work performance, whether the expense was authorized in advance and whether the expense was incurred for a legitimate business purpose or was a condition of employment. Employers must repay the employee within 30 days of a claim’s submission.

Geneviève Beaudin, a partner at Lavery de Billy LLP, says the amendment is quite broad. “The requirement for employer authorization is one of the factors, but it should be the primary one. What happens, for example, if an employee buys something in good faith but it isn’t really needed?” READ MORE . . .

Julius Melnitzer is a Toronto-based legal affairs writer, ghostwriter, writing coach and media trainer. Readers can reach him at [email protected] or


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